Terms of Agreement

I have reviewed my order as detailed on this Order Form and agree that it represents my intent to order Monthly Internet Marketing Services ("Services") with no long term commitment requirement from Rabbit Marketing Services, LLC ("RMS") as herein defined to include 1. and 2. below:
1. A Web Landing Page Advertisement, necessary for "Dual Resolution" and hosted by NETWORD, optimized for immediate response that includes my Business Profile, i.e. business name; phone number; address, and company description. Additionally, a consumer­oriented discount coupon (if applicable) and/or "CallToAction", plus a link to my current website, if available, and, links to my Social Media/Blog Profiles.
2. Pay­Per­Click (PPC) advertising using Google AdWords including Meta links.
Submission of my Business Profile to Every Major directory.
Verified Directory placement in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
Social Media established on Facebook and Twitter (if none exist) and "posting" to same at minimum two (2) times weekly.
Creation and weekly "posting" of a custom company Blog linked to and promoted on Facebook, Twitter, company website (if applicable) and the Netword Dual Resolution.
Additional Services Available:
Social Media Expansion established to address relevant customer profile.
Social Media Management and interactions.
SEO, Web Development, Hosting and Email Blasts.
Website Mobile Ready conversions.
With payment herein of my first appropriate monthly billing amount associated with my Order, I understand that; i) this Agreement contains no guarantee of web traffic or number of new customers, however, customers that may have been developed directly or indirectly the results of my doing business with Rabbit Marketing and/or Netword (together; "Company") will receive my guarantee of service/product and afforded lowest prevailing retail pricing and from time-to-time discounts; ii) by my acceptance of this order for services, this sale made with Rabbit Marketing to be final; there shall be no refunds, and; Company to be held harmless by me or by my company for any consumer action that may be instituted against me or my company; iii) Rabbit Marketing reserves the right to refuse doing business with any Advertiser for any reason; iv) Rabbit Marketing may require up to ten (10) business days to collect necessary information to complete Order; v) Rabbit Marketing shall, and is herewith authorized to, bill my credit card (or my company directly) monthly, in advance, in payment for costs of my Order, and, lastly; vi) continue to bill my credit card monthly unless or until written notification or e-mail is received by Rabbit Marketing from me, at the latest, three (3) business days prior to my monthly billing day for cancellation of this Agreement.
Agreement July 17, 2015